Custom Memorial Garden Stone 12' x 12"
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Size 12"x 12 "


Outdoor Protective Enamel Paint and two coats of outdoor sealant and finish are applied. Designed to resist abrasion and retain its color in the toughest environments.

Material is a Cast stone product, a refined form of concrete...mixture of Portland Cement, natural fine sand, well graded aggregates, and other admixtures for strength and durability. 

Stain; Water based stain which offers the best stain consistency. However, Due to the unique qualities of concrete based stain each stone will vary slightly from the pictures. All stains are UV Stable and environmentally friendly penetrating waterborne acrylic pigmented dye specifically designed for concrete. 

  • Item #: PSS112S_TIDI_Ronald
  • Manufacturer: Memories to Stone, LLC
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: PSS112S_MFF

Custom Memorial Garden Stone 12' x 12"

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